Call for Speakers - Is Now Closed  - Check back for LAP 5.0 in early 2019.

It is that time again. The 4th annual Learn-a-palooza (LAP) event happening in mid-May 2018. This is the only premiere spring learning event in the Pacific Northwest and always sells out! We want you to be involved and help us. We are changing some things about LAP this year to evolve and innovate, but one thing that will stay the same is our speed learning rounds. Speed learning is like speed dating, but for learning professionals. We do 7-8 rounds where you present to a group of up 10-12 people for 15-20 minutes. At the end of a round, the learner goes to a different group and then you do the session again for another group of people. This is the most popular parts of LAP and people rave about connecting to great professionals and learn new things.

We would love to hear your session ideas for Learn-a-palooza and are on the lookout for new innovative speakers. What are you doing that is different? What experiences can you share? What are your best practices? What are your next practices? The objective is to share a best practice from your role in the learning and talent development field. Describe something concrete that participants can take with them and directly apply in their careers. This is your opportunity to share your insight with peers. If you are selected you get the conference for free. 

Theme: Learn-a-palooza 4 will be about Innovation and Disruption in L&D 

Target Audience: Learning and talent development professionals from the Puget Sound area.

Speaker Responsibilities: 
•The session must provide opportunities for participant interaction and engagement
•Provide a picture, topic summary, top 2-3 takeaways and biography for marketing purposes
•Ensure the session is not perceived as an infomercial
•Promote your participation in the event on your social media sites
•Provide own printed pieces and/or promotional collateral 


Please send responses to the questions below by February 15th. You can download the word file and attach the file or use the message window below.

  1. Session Title and Description 
  2. What makes your treatment of this topic unique? 
  3. Do you use any technology that helps you in innovating? 
  4. What is the most disruptive technology you see helping L&D and why? 
  5. What inspires you? 


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