Learnapalooza 3.0 Agenda

Registration & Networking

You can arrive anytime between 8:30-9 am. Come ready to network & begin learning from the start! 

We will have posters to start gathering your thoughts for the day. You will be able to share ideas and thoughts about our hackathon in the afternoon and explore the speed learning round topics to help plan your journey.

Kick Off and Introductions

Promptly at 9 am, we will kick off by thanking our wonderful sponsors, but also by giving away our first raffle prize of the day! Then we get into the real fun by exploring what we will cover for the day. This won't take very long as we have so much to get to...

Key Note with Myra Travin

Who Are We Now? From Instructional Designers to Learning Environment Designers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

This will be an amazing ride from an amazing futurist and learning pioneer. 

Speed Learning Rounds

Onboarding at Scale with Managers - Stacey Gardner (Microsoft)  

  • Scaling onboarding is hard. When you include the managers, it can get easier and better. We will explore the ideas around how to get people involved in onboarding and how we can help managers own the process.

How do you measure the engagement of learners? - Bruce Cronquist(Dell/EMC) 

  • Ask each person a question every few minutes? Do you watch an engagement meter in the webinar app? Let’s talk about best practice, and build a list of ideas we can all learn from.

Give your learning products a UI makeover - Melissa Milloway (Amazon)

  • Page turners cluttered slides, click next to continue, and complex menus. These are all words and phrases that you hear when your users and colleagues talk about e-learning. Let’s reconstruct the face of UI design for e-learning. Re-ignite your passion for e-learning design through a new look at the design process. You will also discover resources that will help to modernize and optimize the UI of your learning products.

Communicating your Personal Brand in the Digital Age - Shian Chuan (SC Leadership LLC)

  • In the current digital age where learning and most business services are online and we have less face to face interaction, how do you connect and convey your personal cause and brand? How do you show your value and develop a rapport with your key audience? Who and what do you represent? In this short session, refine or reconnect with your proposition statement and be able to create and communicate clearly your Personal Brand Statement in order to boost your professional presence in networking events or in your personal and professional circles. Any digital interaction, learning, and communication start with having a unique Personal Brand Statement.

Ferris Bueller’s Game On: Gamifying New Hire Orientation - Miranda Greenberg & Marci Morford (Sightlife) 

  • Orange peels and Storyline. Play-Do and Sharepoint. Come find out how SightLife used all of these to revitalize its new employee orientation in a gamified experience. You'll explore the use of a blended digital and hands-on approach to show how every staff member’s role impacts the company's success. You'll work to identify the content best suited to serious games and how to simplify content from your SMEs. You'll walk away with ideas on how to break the major functions of your organization into a game that feels both approachable and grounded in reality, leading to an unforgettable experience that will inspire loyalty among new staff.

Instructional Design Inspiration is all Around Us - Brian Washburn (Endurance Learning) 

  • What do potty training, lava fields, the game of cricket, avocado seeds, Jumanji and Donald Trump's election have in common? Every single one of these things can (and have) offered inspiration for creative ways to introduce more mundane topics and to get learners engaged. Spend a few minutes during the Speed Learning round with Brian to get some ideas on how to view everything that happens through the lens of inspiration for your (or your team's) next instructional design project.

Storytelling and Learning - Tammy Dietz & Elizabeth Mills (Caveo) 

  • Humans across the globe have been teaching through stories for centuries upon centuries. Storytelling may even be called the oldest instructional methodology. Stories give context, help us process and retain information, are often easier to retell and pass long to others, and may touch a part of our own childhood learning history that makes us more psychologically and emotionally receptive to new information. Learn more about stories, what makes a story “stick,” and how to incorporate more stories and story components into the learning experiences you design.

Eye-Brain Control: The Neuroscience of Making Eye Contact - Renee Malone (Kick the Moon LLC)

  • Does your stomach flip over the thought of presenting to a large audience? The good news... you can learn to effectively use your EYES to harness nervous energy, maintain your train-of-thought, and make a connection with your audience. There are clues to the neuroscience behind lining up your eyes with a “target” and the brain mechanisms behind optimizing eye contact. In this session, you’ll learn how to practice the technique of Eye-Brain Control – a skill sure to enhance your presentation style and ensure a connection with any size audience – even an audience of one.

Distributing content into the future learning ecosystem - Nate Niederhausern (Media Partners Corporation)

  • Adapting to the Digital Learning Transformation Lead a discussion on how content providers will distribute digital media learning content and how learners will find, access and consume content in the future learning

Crossing Borders - Maggie Shelton (Imperative)

  • Even the most thoughtfully designed global learning solution is likely to encounter a few cross-cultural hiccups. Luckily, you can mitigate risk using a few techniques that cut through the noise to create a strong signal, no matter the culture of origin. In this session, you will learn about a few challenges of designing for a global audience, techniques, and tools that will engage across cultures, and discuss how those techniques could apply to your challenges.

Lunchtime Chat with Jolene Jang & Darren Nerland

We get to explore cultural diversity in a unique and compelling way. Jolene's expertise in the use of video to share powerful stories and provide insights into people and our world is truly amazing. 


Hackathons have taken the world by storm, happening all over the globe and across many different industries. These events, bring together innovative strangers to solve problems and improve our world. Hackathons are for fun, but they can also create important changes to whatever system they address, and they're starting to have a big impact.

Next Steps

We will debrief some of our experiences and give away more stuff.

But, how do we summarize this and continue our journey? Well with a happy hour of course!